My pale skin is sensitive and prone to tiny spots and redness. I have always liked taking good care of it but never really had a lot of time to do it. I needed a facial cream that was moisturizing, anti-wrinkle and mildly bleaching at the same time. Quizmetics was the perfect solution for me. The easiest way to have everything my skin needs taken care of with just one product.

Eva F.M.Pontevedra, Spain

The skin on my eye contours is particularly delicate and prone to fine wrinkles and dark circles. I spent years trying different eye contour creams, gels and serums from many brands. A friend told me about Quizmetics. I configured my cream and received it at home in just a few days. This was about a year ago. I saved my personal configuration in my account , so re-ordering my tailor made cream every month is easy.

Fabiana E. M.Dallas, TX, United States

I couldn’t find a facial cream that completely satisfied me. I bumped into Quizmetics while googling for new creams. I was amazed by their proposal: an online service that allowed you to configure your own cream according to your needs! I decided to go for it and, since then, my skin looks younger and brighter. Just the way I want it to look. I saved my configuration because, honestly, I’m not planning to use another cream. Quizmetics is excellent service, excellent product and, above all, an excellent idea.

María Florencia B.Cuenca, Spain

I began to take care of my skin when I was very young. I tried several male facial creams from different makers. In spite of this, a few years ago I started noticing increasing expression lines and fine wrinkles on my forehead and other areas. A cosmetologist friend told me about Quizmetics tailor made creams. I configured my first Quizmetics facial cream around a year ago. When I was about to finish my second jar my expression lines were noticeably fading away. I’m really happy with my tailor made cream and I’ll keep using it forever!

Ignacio D.A.Miami, FL, United States

I was looking for a good cream to take care of my sensitive phototype 1 skin. I found Quizmetics on Google. My search for the right facial cream started several months before then and, until that moment, it had been unsucessful. This innovative online service offered me the perfect solution. My personalized cream is the perfect cream for my skin.

Vanina M.Buenos Aires, Argentina

I’ve been using good quality creams to take care of my skin since I was pretty young, although I had never really found my perfect cream. Combination skin is predominant on my face but my forehead shows a tendency to dryness. I have no wrinkles around my eyes but dark circles used to show up quite often. I filled the form and the professionals at QM helped me configure my tailor made facial and eye contour creams. I’m really happy with the results!

Paola V.Mercedes, Depto. de Soriano, Uruguay

When I turned thirty something expression lines began to concern me, particularly those on my lip contour. I used a cream from a premium brand for years. At first it worked pretty well, but results faded away as years went by. Someone told me about QM and I decided to give it a try. I’m sooo happy with my tailor made contour cream. I would never change it for another one!!

Alejandrina M.Buenos Aires, Argentina

Extreme dry skin and expression lines have always been a concern to me. I have a stressful job which I had always considered the main cause for those problems. I searched (a lot) for solutions and tried a considerable number of male facial creams from different brands without much sucess. I found Quizmetics through Google and I was immediately seduced by the possibility of personalizing a skin cream as if it was a good quality tailor made suit. On my configuration I stated my main concerns were dry skin and expression lines. After a whole month using my QM cream the difference was noticeable. That was several months ago and my skin continued improving. I’m highly satisfied with my tailor made cream and I recommend Quizmetics to anyone having the same concerns I used to have.

Mauricio L.Rosario, Argentina

I have sensitive and reactive skin. After turning thirty I realized just a moisturizing cream was simply not enough. I tried many (truly many) facial creams. Antiwrinkle, bleaching, nourishing…I couldn’t find the right match for my skin. Until the day I discovered Quizmetics while surfing the web for solutions. I was instantly seduced by the idea of configuring my own personal cream, so I decided to give QM a chance. I received my tailor made facial cream at home in a few days. Since then that is all I need to keep my face looking amazing!

Luciana K.Barcelona, Spain

Watch the video and learn how to create your tailor made skin care cream in just 3 minutes!

The One and Only Beauty E-shop Offering Tailor Made Female and Male Creams

Our boutique laboratory was specifically created to produce tailor made skin care products. Your answers to the questions on our configurators determine which ingredients, and concentrations, YOUR skin needs, so results are quick and noticeable. 100% tailor made. Configure your creams and receive at home, in just days, skin care products really focused on you. is the first E-shop offering 100% tailor made skin care products. From Europe to the world. By answering, in just minutes, easy questions on our cream configurators you will be able to create your own creams. Our boutique laboratory will make them considering your selections and using the best available ingredients. And you will receive them at home in just days, no matter where you are.

Say goodbye to slow, uncertain and non-satisfactory results.  Now you have the power to choose. Because your skin is not standard. And your creams shouldn’t be standard either.

Paraben and mineral oil free

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